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Quality Management System Maintenance

We offer several programs to maintain your quality management system.  They range from annual audits to complete management of all aspects of the system except inspection.  Individually these services cost a minimum of $600 per day.  However, you can contract us for the whole package at a fixed annual rate.  Contact Us for a Quote.  

Services we offer include:

Assistance with Audit Questionnaires

Some of these can be confusing.  We can prepare these for you because we are familiar with your system.  This service is only offered to customers who regularly use us as the quality system auditors.

Audits of the Quality System

We conduct real audits that focus on customer satisfaction and the effectiveness and efficiency of you Business practices that impact customer satisfaction and/or product quality. (See Audit Service)

Corrective Action Assistance

A lot of time can be wasted on answering customer requests for corrective action.  We coordinate the response activity in a way that makes the most sense to you and satisfies your customer.  We make sure the actions are effective and not just window dressing.

Management Review Coordination

We are part of one management review per year and ensure that inputs are effectively covered and identify actions that will drive improvement.

On Site Assistance with Customer Audits

This service is only available for customers that use us as their auditor.  With sufficient notice we will be present for your customer’s audit and act as an agent for your company in ensuring their questions are properly addressed.  The package includes up to 2 of these per year with at least a 21-day notice.  On occasion we can accommodate shorter notice.

On Site Assistance with Outside Agency Audits

This service is only available for customers that use us as their auditor and for systems that we designed.  With sufficient notice we will be present for the agency’s audit and act as an agent for your company in ensuring their questions are properly addressed.  Because IATF does not allow onsite assistance, this service is not available for IATF 16949 audits by a Third Party Registrar.  The package includes one of these per year.

Organization of Data for Quality System Measurable Objectives

You are required to monitor the health of your business by various measurable indicators.  We organize the data that you have collected over time to accomplish this and drive continual improvement.

PPAP Documentation

You make the products and perform the inspections and we take care of the Auto Industries’ required busywork documentation.  Its not value added but they want it anyway.  Why waste your time when we can do it for you?  The package includes up to 6 of these per year.

Process Effectiveness Evaluations

We analyze your business processes and ensure they are the most effective or help you develop one that is more effective.

Supplier Approval and Supplier Maintenance

We gather the information on your suppliers required by the standard and maintain your approved supplier registry.  In some cases, you may share a supplier with another customer.  We can alert you to warning signs experienced by others, when appropriate.